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Wellbank Foundation

Supporting charities in the North East of England


The Wellbank Foundation is a small, family run, grant-making charity that supports registered charities based in the North East of England. We're passionate about the region and want to back initiatives that improve people's lives and help them reach their full potential. The charities we work with have to be helping people who are disadvantaged, whether for financial, health or other reasons. We're particularly keen to support any projects that provide educational, sporting or environmental benefits.

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We provide grants of between £500 and £25,000 to registered charities for projects that meet our criteria. The trustees meet once a quarter to review all the grant requests that have been received through our application process but we can respond quickly when there is a more immediate need.

We will only fund requests that meet our criteria and that the trustees believe provide the best outcomes for the amount of funding requested.  As a small charity, we can only fund some of the requests we receive and whilst we would love to support every eligible charity we will prioritise those projects that we believe will best further the aims of the Wellbank Foundation.

We would also love to stay in contact with the initiatives we support and hear how they are getting on, so do expect us to stay in touch if you make a successful application!


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