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  • Ruth Robson

Hat-Trick Project

This really appealed to us, it is an amazing project and had a huge impact on those involved :-

Hat-Trick are a charitable organisation based in the West end of Newcastle. We deliver a range of different multisports to young people aged 5-15 and 16+ working in the most disadvantaged areas of Newcastle and Gateshead. We deliver community sessions, dinner time clubs, after school clubs, curriculum classes and holiday clubs.

We also offer lots of different programs which we feel can cater for all such as girls and boys only sessions, woman’s wellness, and family fun sessions.

We work not only with young people but also parents/carers and love to create family orientated sessions where communities can engage together alongside playing music to help create a fun environment.

We thrive on delivering great quality multi sports sessions that the young people can and want to engage in, which increases active lifestyles and allows inclusivity to all.

With such a small team we rely on our volunteer program where 7 of our staff have all come through the platform, within this program we can offer lots of extra qualifications to young people such as activators, DBS, Safeguarding qualification and more.

While delivering on cold dark nights we get to use the local church which enables us to continue to deliver sessions free to all.

Finding free local areas of grass which are local to young people and keeping sessions free to all defeat barriers faced by parents and young people such as travel expenses and club fees.

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