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Tyneside Outdoors – Our minibus plans!

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

We are delighted to support this great charity!

Tyneside Outdoors is a local charity which has been operating across Tyneside since 2014. Our primary focus is to provide free outdoor activities which are fun, challenging, and informal, for young people from any background.

TO’s work is currently targeted in 3 geographical areas, West Newcastle (Elswick, Benwell and Scotswood), East Newcastle (Walker Park) and in South Shields (Temple Park), where we now have our Temple Raiders cycle group.

In Temple Park, South Shields, we run the Temple Raiders young people’s bike group. This group is about having as much fun as we can on a bike - this currently involves taking part in a novice series of BMX racing over the winter months but free cycle repairs, bike games and rides out from South Shields form the mainstay of the group’s activities. We are very proud of our young people here, who once trained, became cycle repair and maintenance experts, helping us provide over 30 refurbished bikes to deserving young people in the area.

We love the wider region’s outdoor spaces and have always tried to get further afield whenever possible, but have often been restricted due to the lack of easy availability of a minibus,(until now !!)

Our new minibus will mean we can make more frequent trips, for more young people, to more great places, which have often been impossible to get to, when hiring and off-hiring a minibus in one day. This will include ability to get to the brilliant outdoor spaces, cycle tracks and country trails across Tyne and Wear, Northumberland and Durham, and have more adventures such as canoeing, orienteering and canyoning trips, and visits to specialist tracks, such as in Leeds.

Our minibus will also be the hub of our operations and a place for our young people to meet, in our weekly park activities at three locations. It will make it so much easier to make short local trips from these meeting points to nearby outdoor spaces, such as orienteering at Prudhoe, Beach Volleyball at South Shields or Kite Flying on the Town Moor.

The excitement at the possibility of a minibus of their own was great to see.

This photo shows where we can go with our new bus!

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